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How to Submit Guest Article

  • Send your article by email to
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  • Send your twitter url to add to our Twitter guest bloggers list


  • When will the article be published? – Sometimes we will agree small edits with the author to edit the article to make it perform better for you. Article will go live ASAP (1 hour -5 days) depending on how well you have formatted the content. If you have any particular timing or day of choice – do let us know. Please format articles as per guidelines to get them published sooner than later.
  • Can I make any changes once article is published? – If there are minor edits, just let us know. We work very hard to ensure accuracy.
  • Why is my article not published? We are receiving a lot of guest articles requests every day, but we are able to publish few articles only. Ensure your article is outstanding and meets the guest post format. Check the reasons for rejection above.
  • I want to publish more articles? Sure. Keep sending them in.

After Article is Published

  • Answer Comments – readers may like to clarify issues and discuss in comments. Having the guest author answer comments add to credibility and better response.
  • Promote on social media sites – submit your article to site like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and share the article with more friends. If they like your article, they share with more people and they are interested to know who the guest author is and click to your site
  • Post link to your blog – Post a link to your guest article on your blog and inform your readers about your article. This will help to showcase your guest blogging skills and they might invite you to guest blog too.