#LifeClass #Singlemoms are fun!

#LifeClass you better teach it. Children will do what they see. So you staying in toxic relationships will not help you or your children. Commit to make it right or let it go. We at sassyshoegallery.com believe in increasing self esteem for women. You are not less than because you parent alone. You were blessed … Continue reading

Victory is upon us….

  For a long time I’ve always wanted to own my very own business.  I wanted my service to have a purpose and I didn’t want to just exist in this world.  It took 8 years for me to realize that my purpose is to inspire those that read this blog, individuals that come in … Continue reading

Mrs. DC America 2013 comes with a Crown & Contributions…

            Mrs America pageants highlights some of the incredible contributions these women make in the community. This weekend we have the privilege of attending the Mrs DC America pageant in Washington DC. The women gave their best effort in raising money for the charity of choice. Voiced their opinion on … Continue reading

Sharpe Crowns RHOA Pageant Winner

Jay Sharpe is Richmond’s dynamic jeweler who understands the complexity of Entrepreneurship. He’s been in business over 11 years and still stands strong in city’s prestigious shopping central entitled Carytown. Carytown is knows for celebrities to pop in some of our privately owned boutiques. Katie Couric was spotted shopping in Pink during the filming of … Continue reading


Forgiveness by sassyshoegal featuring lorac Evolution of self – black The sense of feeling alone as if no one exists but you.   Some have the tendency to blame others for mishaps that happen in their life. Some blame parents for the directions of their life. Forgiveness is a huge step in the healing process … Continue reading