Looking for Top 10 Influential #Fashion #bloggers for magazine @SassyShoegal

Top 10 Influential BloggersI’d love to connect with you.  Welcome to www.sassyshoegal.com  and I’ve been so focused on my business blog that I haven’t dedicated the love that I should have to Sassy. With that said –

I can remember being tired of letting my expertise go unnoticed.  Having a blog and an impressive following that even blows your own mind.  I know that you somehow can relate.  Which is why I asked you to come by

In order to get the respect that you deserve as an expert, you have to position yourself as an expert.  Positioning is aligning yourself with readers in a manner that allows you to become an influencer.  We are giving you the opportunity to position yourself by being featured in the upcoming Winter Fashion Guide for our readers.

I’m looking to connect with Top 10 most Influential Fashion Bloggers as we launch our Winter Fashion Guide along with the ReLaunch of

The cost to be included in this magazine is totally free to you.  The inclusion in the magazine also allows you the opportunity to be a Featured Contributor on our blog for 90 days. And we are willing to promote you to our social influence the reaches over 7 million people at absolutely no cost.   Our social media platforms includes major influencers such as Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and etc.

For more info message me or email info@sassyshoegallery.com – Let’s get busy


2 Responses to “Looking for Top 10 Influential #Fashion #bloggers for magazine @SassyShoegal”
  1. caroline says:

    Wow, this is fantastic!

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