Evolution of self – black

The sense of feeling alone as if no one exists but you.   Some have the tendency to blame others for mishaps that happen in their life. Some blame parents for the directions of their life.
Forgiveness is a huge step in the healing process when you begin to evolve into a woman. Forgiveness allows you to let go off pain, bitterness and anger.  These emotions are equally comparable to excessive weight gain that refuses to shed your waist.  The same way you dedicate time to the gym for the outer you – you have to dedicate that time to the inner you.
What’s the benefit of a beautiful outside when the inside is gloomy and unattractive?  Trust me when I tell you that when you let go that doors of opportunities began to open. When you forgive its not about the other person, it’s honestly for you. It’s your release and relinquish of deep inner wounds.
In your journey to be who you are – release! – BLACK

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