Pearls are girls bestfriend!

fancy brunch

Although, totally underrated, pearls can really add a lot of chic to your wardrobe. You may be thinking: “Seriously? Pearls? Like I am not a Grandma.” I know girlfriend, trust me pearls aren’t just for Grandma’s.

The classic and sophisticated look of a pearl is totally versatile and can enhance the look of almost any outfit.


Fancy Brunch Date|

 For a lovely afternoon in Manhattan, this outfit is perfect. Rockin’ those pastels from brunch to dinner, this outfit is a total winner. This outfit can even be worn in the winter season. Buy yourself a fur coat (real of fake, totally your choice) and pair this dress with some grey tights.

An outfit this good deserves a little pop of shimmer. Standard pearl earrings, although, always a good option, are not as fabulous as these diamond and pearl Flower Pearl Earrings by Pearl & Clasp.  Without these bad boys, this ensemble just wouldn’t be the same.

from work to play

From Work to Play|

There’s nothing I love more than a versatile outfit. It’s great to look good for work, but it’s even better when you can head straight from the office to happy hour. This navy and denim outfit is the best of both worlds. All fresh and profesh, this outfit still looks good enough for the after work scene.

But what really ties together this whole look is this 85 Endless Pearl Necklace. The super long length of this necklace, allows for more styling options. There’s seriously nothing like a multiple strand pearl necklace to bring it all together.

Hopefully, these outfit inspirations helped change your mind about pearls. A beauty and a classic pearls work with any kind of outfit.

This post was written by Hannah Toran, a writer for the luxury pearl jewelry company Pearl & Clasp.

One Response to “Pearls are girls bestfriend!”
  1. caroline1t says:

    Pearls are wonderful! I think they work with just about anything.

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