As You Like It….

As You Like It
All the world’s a stage
And  all the men and women merely players:
They have their exists and their entrances;
And one man in his times plays many parts.
 As You Like It – Act 2, Scene 7
In todays fashion trends what you decide to choose prior exiting the building can depict your personality.  This means that your choice of style determines your category of branding.  YOU are a BRAND – you have a reputation to uphold.  Fashion consultants are becoming quite popular and Brand Ambassadors of the world are becoming a need.
I’m not sure whether you are a SAHM or corporate executive that entertains this article but none the less you take time with self in the AM.  I love how just a switch in an outfit can determine which way you switch on your next step.  LOL LOL  No but seriously, think about the next time you slide the 4 inch heels on or change in the blank vegan leather skinny jeans.  Did you change??  Please post pics and leave comments- can’t wait to see.

Moschino Cheap Chic wool jacket
$880 –

Photo vest

BLANK skinny leg jeans
$135 –

Yves Saint Laurent tote handbag
$2,225 –

Fabulous Styles to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall. Shop Designers Now at South Moon Under w/ Free Shipping on $100+.


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