Tips on Choosing the Best Shoes for Fall


Put away your sandals

Fall is here, and that means you have to ditch the flip-flops in exchange for sturdy walking shoes and perhaps a cute pair of walking sandals. Fall shoe trends when it comes to shoes are nothing like the last season, which was characterized by nude platform pumps and color blocks. Now the classic stiletto is making a comeback but you will also see other shoe designs that prioritize classy comfort and vibrant colors.


Colors that will dominate the streets and runways for fall   lean towards the metallic side, with burgundy and violet leading the pack along with deep browns and lush reds thrown in. Despite the popularity of bright, sunny colors when it comes to wardrobe, darker hues predominate in fall footwear which is just as well since darker colors tend to hide any stains and dirt fairly easily. The Balenciaga reptile skin ankle length boot is very popular especially in its deep purple color.


Leather and patent leather will be the materials of choice so you may need to stow away the jellybean flats for a sturdier alternative. Other materials that will be popular include reptile skins, suede and satin for the evenings. Lace and animal prints are going to be very popular, particularly leopard prints. Although patent leather is a little bit unpractical for everyday fall wear, it does look gorgeous and tends to cost less than designer leather so you can probably work a pair done in super bold colors like Viktor & Rolf’s patent boots in shiny black and brilliant red. Suede is also a favorite for those looking for knee high boots. It comes in a variety of shades and designs. Suede boots with side fringes are extremely popular on the runways.


Pumps will still be widely popular, but not platform pumps. Wide and chunky, this design is making way for pointed toes and narrow heels of the classic pump. There is also going to be a fondness for embellishments so expect shoes that come with a lot of hardware like buckles, bows, and even lace. Heels are going to skyrocket, literally. Higher heels means more tripping on the runways and even on the streets but you can prevent accidents by opting for the ankle length bootie shoe which provides the ankle support you need in order to avoid tripping over. Lacing is also making a comeback although it sports none of the femininity you would expect from lacing designs in the past. Lacing for fall 2012 is sexier and excludes a more aggressive vibe and shoes with this design may take a lot of confidence to pull off.

Fall 2012 shoe trends are expected to be something new and fresh and radically different from summer and last year’s favorites. Prepare for lots of color, hardware, and high heels.

About the Author:

Author is a certified shoe-addict and loves to watch out for the latest bargain finds and shoe trend for each season. Through writing, she shares her experiences regarding latest fashion and beauty trends in the market. Follow Clarissa Seaton on Google+.



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