Christian Louboutin & Jennifer Williams

Basketball Wives Reunion Fashion
Clearly we’re not the biggest Basketball Wives fans, however most reality shows thrive in the fashion arena.  Jennifer Williams projects the purest example of #sassiness with her ensemble on the reunion episode.  Can you guess what label is stamped on these stilettos?  You guessed… CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN!!!  But of course the classic designer is every celebrities best friend.
What are your thoughts?
3 Responses to “Christian Louboutin & Jennifer Williams”
  1. Shoe Day says:

    I think that you are absolutely right in the fact that the content of most reality shows isn't that fantastic or interesting…but what is interesting on them is the fashion and SHOES for sure!I think these shoes are definitely SASSY…there is almost no other way to describe these fresh, funky, stylish, glam, & SASSY shoes!!!~A Shoe A Day (@ShoeDay)

  2. Ahka Vintage says:

    There is hardly anything today that is not branded and sponsored and labelled.

  3. SassyShoeGal says:

    We can't help but to watch all of the new reality shows. However we've tuned into Single Ladies and I'm loving the fashion on Single LadiesBe sure to check us out –

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