Featured Post: Epiphany Beauty Professional Makeup

When did you realize that make up artistry was your passion?

I realized it slowly but surely back in 1996 when I interned at the Estee Lauder Companies during my last semester at Virginia Commonwealth University. To be completely honest, at that time I needed a job and wanted to do something fun that I would enjoy and I prayed for guidance in my search. Shortly after, I was looking through the classifieds one Sunday and saw two part-time positions with Estee Lauder. I knew that this position would feed my love of art and need for a little fun, so I applied, interviewed and got the position. That was really my first foray into makeup artistry and although the internship was temporary, my passion for it was ignited. A year or so later, I became a Mary Kay Consultant to help a girlfriend and we started doing skin care classes and color consultations before we branched out into bridal makeup, which I loved – so that pretty much sealed the “deal” with my love of makeup artistry :o)!

What is your vision for Epiphany Beauty?My vision for Epiphany Beauty Professional Makeup Services and Studio is to be the PREMIER natural, bridal and glamour beauty makeup service provider in Virginia (to start :o). My goal is to be THE go-to-person for makeup artistry for weddings, prom, portraits, special occasions, fashion events, print, commercial and television projects. While I realize the artistry skills are a huge component, I think it’s more important to be able to build wonderful, collaborative relationships with each client based on professionalism and personalized service to bring their vision to fruition. 

 What do you want people to think, feel or say when they talk about Epiphany Beauty?I want people to feel excited at the prospect of working with me or an Epiphany Beauty Associate Artist because we epitomize professionalism, great customer service and personalities, upscale events and of course, highly skills makeup artists! I want Epiphany Beauty Professional Makeup Services and Studio to be synonymous with sophistication no matter who we are servicing based on the services we provide overall.

 What would you tell women who are fighting acne and also want to wear makeup products?Honestly, as a woman with medical conditions that cause acne, I say see a dermatologist first! I am not a license esthetician yet so I would recommend a doctor’s visit to see if there are other medical issues that may be causing your breakouts as opposed to assuming it’s related to makeup, although it could be. Just because you have acne doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup though! There are so many brands, to include more organic and vegan brands that offer products for all skin types. This will allow you to find a foundation or fun eye colors that will work to enhance your beauty without causing irritation. I do believe nowadays there is something for everyone, even if it takes research to find it and it might cost a little more.

 Any additional tips or advice that you would give…My advice is that makeup is not the enemy and while there are instances where cover up or concealing is needed based on various skin conditions, in general it’s another accessory to “enhance” your natural beauty. There is nothing at all wrong with wanting to play up and highlight beautiful eyes, great skin or full sexy lips! We need to do things to make us feel good about ourselves and look at makeup as an accessory. After all, it wipes right off so why not have fun playing around a bit to see what works for you! Also, for ladies who feel challenged when it comes to makeup application and selection, I often offer workshops to provide hands-on makeup application lessons for everyday women and teens that are informative, relaxed and fun. Check out my website for upcoming sessions – www.epiphany-beauty.com.


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