The Do’s and Don’ts of Color Blocking

Here is additional tips on Color Blocking from blogger Sierra.  Hope you enjoy her tips and please ask questions or leave comments.

The Dos and Don’ts of Color Blocking
With the warmer seasons well on their way it’s time to start thinking bright, bold, and brilliant. I’m talking brilliant in your style and not being afraid to take a chance. If you’re not familiar with the color block trend it’s time to get familiar with it. It’s a fun style that’s been around since the 1920s, when artists created brightly color blocked paintings. Now it’s a hot force in the fashion world and you are seeing it in dresses, tops, jeans, and more. Even though it evolved into a style in the 1960s, again in the 1980s and even in the 90s, it keeps on coming back again.
What do you think of the color block trend? If you end up wearing this trend in the coming months or even now, you might want to understand the fashion dos and don’ts before you put yourself out there and wear this colorful clothing trend.
DO wear this style with neutral accessories. Since you already have bold colors showing up in your dress or top and pants, you need to offset all of the color with neutral accessories. Showing up to an event with a hot pink necklace paired with a bold blue and purple dress just won’t do, so stick to the basics when it comes to accessories.
DON’T make your makeup too overwhelming. Since the focus will be on your outfit, the beauty products that you choose to use on your face should be minimal, but still dazzling. For example, wear nude lipstick and peach colored blush. If you do want a hint of some sparkle, put on some sparkling blue eyeliner and lightly colored beige or brown eye shadow to bring your entire makeup look together.
DO wear a lot of black. If you decide to wear a color blocked dress, or guys, if you decide to wear a color blocked top and pants, be sure to wear black shoes. A black belt also works if the dress is designed larger and you need to tighten up the waist. Black breaks up color blocking and gives it added dimension, so don’t be afraid to incorporate black where it’s warranted.
DON’T over do it with color blocking. Any trend can be overdone if you don’t do it right. If you’re not sure if the top or dress goes with your accessories or vice versa, hop online and look at some pictures on Pinterest or Tumblr. Even your favorite blogger might have some style advice. Sometimes style and learning to make a trend look just right takes time, but once you get the hang of it your color blocking style will look fabulous and bold. Just be you and color block away!
Bio: Sierra is a writer who’s obsessed with fashion and loves incorporating color blocked outfits and thermalsinto her style during the colder season.

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  1. Ocean Dreams says:

    Thanks so much for the guest post opportunity!

  2. SassyShoeGal says:

    Absolutley…looking forward to future post

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