2012 Fashion Trends

2012 Fashion Trends – Let’s Stay Fashionable

2012 has come! It is time to toss out your old 2011 duds and fill your wardrobe with some of 2012’s hottest new items.
Here are four pieces of clothing that you should definitely consider getting or, if you already have them, moving to the front of your rotation!

1. Wide Leg Pants

Skinny jeans and hot pants will definitely make you look sexy. But you’re another year older (and another year more practical) so give your legs a rest in some relaxed – but still sophisticated – wide leg pants.

Wide Leg Pants

2. The Peter Pan Collar

If you’re into minimalist and preppy styles, you will love the Peter Pan collar. You can dress it up in stark white or dress it down in the pastel colors of spring. Either way, the Peter Pan collar is a classic look due to make a return this Spring.

Peter Pan Collar

3. The High Slit Dress

Especially towards the end of Spring, as the sun comes out and the weather starts to warm, it might be time to show a little leg. The high slit dress is a must for romantic dinners, evening parties, or nights on the town. What else can make you look this stunning?

High Slit Dress

4. Leather

In a continuing and expanding trend, leather will be hot in 2012. Get creative with your leather: wear bright colors and wear it in new ways (leather leggings anyone?).
Leather Leggings

Briana Michelle is a writer for Worn This Week, a site that shows you what celebrities wore and where you can buy it. So if you’re looking for Mila Kunis outfits, for example, check them out!


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