Knock offs

As I dig deeper into the fashion industry and become more involved with networking,  I’ve realized that knock-off merchandise is here to stay.  I guess my concern or questions is: Is it worth your while or sanity to purchase a knock off pair shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc?  Did you realize that “rocking” knock offs may have a negative effect on you?  There was a study done that showed that women under the impression of wearing knock off glasses were more apt to lie and cheat when put in a testing environment.      
So that makes me think of the women that work for banks, retail organizations and other public entities who wear replica merchandise.  These women actually feel phony and fake and also have that same impression of other women they view with replica handbags or shoes in their presence.  At the end of the day, “do you feel some type of way” when you “rock” replicas?
Check out this article…. Psychology of Knock offs

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One Response to “Knock-offs”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting information that you have managed to dig up…I wonder how many feelings are going to be "crushed" by this p that simply is implying that including some "knock offs" into your wardrobe has a bearing on one's personality. I beg to differ. It could be that one simply likes the finer things, but can't afford them. Just Sayin'…

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