Burning Desire

So as a Entrepreneur you always have the mentality of thinking in advance.  Phase 1 is completed and now what is next.  I’ve been up all night thinking of how to make my business better for you.  I prayed that God will step into my business and lead me in the direction that he wants SSG to go.  I admit that he gave me the vision and implemented the strategies the he set in my mind and now its time for him to take the wheel.  So I’m learning how to listen and understand the voice of God.  So I spoke with someone yesterday and they advised that as a Entrepreneur you have to stay one step ahead of the game and oh yeah “competition.”  So I’m serious …i waited last night and I waited and I still didn’t get an answer…………….so naturally feelings of discourage came across and finally i fell asleep around 5am.    BUT GOD!!!! LOL when I woke up this morning and set in front of the computer he led me to directly to a blessing- I mean my answer 
Stay tuned.
2 Responses to “Burning Desire”
  1. Jordan says:

    Congratulations to your answer and success! I'm in the same position as you; being led by GOD all the way. Stay encouraged…

  2. I'd love for you to share your story!

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