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    Sassy Shoe Gallery promotes self esteem and healthy lifestyles. At SSG, we believe that heels are more than women shoes; they are a source of self-esteem, confidence and empowerment for trendy women. When women slide on our platform or pumps, her entire body language exudes confidence, and she is ready for work or play!

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OBSESSIVESHOEADDICT-2 by dzemila-c featuring a man bag Advertisements

#LifeClass #Singlemoms are fun!

#LifeClass you better teach it. Children will do what they see. So you staying in toxic relationships will not help you or your children. Commit to make it right or let it go. We at sassyshoegallery.com believe in increasing self esteem for women. You are not less than because you parent alone. You were blessed … Continue reading

Exotic Show pic

Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone. We are all built uniquely and we have our own sense of style. When I came across this pic… I knew that it was something that I would totally wear. Let me know your thoughts. I’ve just enjoyed shoe “watching” today. Be sure to shop … Continue reading


This is not for everyone so please prepare yourself. Only the strong will survive. Get ready …… Are you a #SassyShoeGal? let us know below

Fashion, Friends and Finances of @Kandi as a @SassyShoeGal

This weeks highlight in the Celebrity Business Circle filled with Fashion, Fun, Finances as a TRUE @SassyShoeGal sponosered by Sassy Shoe Gallery. It appears that several of Kandi’s business ventures begin in 2009 which is when began her reality TV journey with Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Hit song “Scrubs” with 1st female singing group TLC … Continue reading